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Build The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

Thanksgiving is next week, but we have been thinking about Thanksgiving Leftover sandwiches all month. While we all have our own personal preferences, here are some sandwich tips to help you create a delicious Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich.

Bread Choice
It seems wrong to go out and buy bread specifically for a sandwich made from leftovers. As the name states, you should be using what you have on hand, which is what most of us can and will do. However, if you do go out of your way to get bread for this sandwich, the key is to get something that isn’t too bready. Since you will likely be creating a hefty sandwich, choose bread that’s strong enough to hold up without overpowering the ingredients.

A fresh Kaiser roll might be the best choice as it adds some flaky crispiness on the outside but is airy enough within to complement your leftovers. And this may cause a stir, but a wrap can also be a fine option as it allows for more of the stuff on the inside without adding too much starch. Also it helps to ensure your whole sandwich won’t fall apart while you eat it.

Easy Dressing/Gravy
First and foremost, avoid mustard. While it is a perfectly fine condiment, it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to this sandwich. If your sandwich consists of mainly turkey, then mustard is great. But because it’s such a strong flavor, it may be too intense for the rest of your ingredients. Instead, a neutral condiment like mayonnaise can help to add some greasy moisture to your sandwich.

You want to add gravy to your sandwich because we’re talking Thanksgiving here. But you have to be careful – too much gravy will soak your bread and create a soggy mess. To err on the side of caution for sliced bread, make sure there’s a dry ingredient between the bread and the gravy. If you want to avoid it all together, you can always have a little extra gravy on the side to dip your sandwich in.

You may be tempted to pile on the starches, like stuffing, mashed potatoes, and candied yams, but disrupting the starch-to-meat ratio will result in a dense, carb-heavy sandwich. If that’s what you like, we are definitely not here to judge. This is merely a suggestion to help balance out your sandwich.

Stuffing may be your best bet for a starch, but you have likely have many options, such as sweet potatoes or mac n’ cheese. Much like everything in this sandwich, go easy. If you are using a wrap, you can probably go with two starches, but keep portions and ratios in mind.

Dark Meat
While many may prefer white meat, whether for taste or health reasons, they may not realize how moist and tasty dark meat is. You don’t want to risk your sandwich being too dry, so when you can, go with dark meat.

Cranberry Sauce
A thin, well-distributed layer is such a good addition to your leftover sandwich. The tart, sweet and fruity flavors add moisture without overpowering the other flavors, nor creating a soggy sandwich.

Egg = Breakfast
Add an egg and you’ve got breakfast – enough said. This tactic allows you to wake up Friday morning and dig right back into your Thanksgiving food.

Follow Your Heart
Ultimately, it comes down to what you like in your sandwich (and what’s on hand – this is a leftovers sandwich). Trust your instincts with flavor and texture combinations, and if it doesn’t work out sometimes, lesson learned.

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Healthy Deli Sandwiches

When it comes to eating healthy, your choices are important. Choosing the right foods to eat and how much can make a difference. This is especially true when it comes to deli sandwiches. Depending on the ingredients and condiments added, things can add up. Remember to be mindful of portions when it comes to breads and cheeses. And there’s a reason sandwiches are often cut in half – if you can, try to save half for later, or share with a friend.

If you’re headed to your neighborhood deli restaurant for lunch, here’s a list of healthy deli sandwiches, from not-so-bad to the best.

12. Cubano
The Cubano typically consists of ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard. With virtually no veggies in sight, the Cuban sandwich lands on the bottom of the list for healthy sandwiches (but it sure is tasty).

11. Italian Sandwich
Aside from being heavy on the deli meats plus cheese, the Italian is also loaded with veggies, spices, and olive oil. To lighten it up, try skipping the cheese, adding more veggies, or saving half for later.

10. Meatball Sub
Despite the meatballs being made with ground, unprocessed meat, the cheese, white bread, and size of the sandwich itself make it not so healthy.

9. Bacon, Egg & Cheese
Although it is delicious, the Bacon, Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwich is a high-protein, high saturated fat option. If you can, eliminate the cheese to make it a slightly better choice.

8. Turkey Club Sandwich
The additional slice of bread and bacon weigh this option down. You can get a pretty great sandwich without all the excess ingredients.

7. Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Despite being deemed “the other white meat,” pork is actually still red meat and should be limited in consumption. Also, pairing it with cheese doesn’t help. Try ditching the cheese and piling on fresh vegetables.

6. BLT
While it is a good choice, the bacon still drags it down. Brownie points for the veggies though.

5. Turkey & Swiss Sandwich
Great lean meat and veggies help this rank higher on the list. The cheese again is the culprit. However, you can cut down on the cheese to one slice, or omit it altogether.

4. Egg Salad Sandwich
Eggs are nutritious, delicious, and healthy, however, the mayo content can get overwhelming. Combat that by adding more veggies and saving half for the next day.

3. Chicken Salad Sandwich
Chicken salad is often made with leftover chicken (white meat, dark meat, skin, fat, etc.), but it is still whole, unprocessed protein. Again, there may be a lot of mayo, but like the egg salad sandwich, you can add more veggies and save the other half for later.

2. Roast Beef Sandwich
As mentioned, you should limit your red meat intake, but roast beef is a relatively lean cut. Skip the cheese and add mustard, sauerkraut, or your favorite condiments.

1. Tuna Sandwich
Tuna tops the list because most people don’t eat enough seafood. Again, ditch the cheese and add colorful, healthy, and delicious veggies.

What’s your go to deli sandwich choice? Do you prefer your chips in your sandwiches or on the side? Share with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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