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Dining In Restaurants With Kids

Going out to a restaurant with young children is not always an easy task. Kids are unpredictable, and in a restaurant setting, you really never know what will happen. For the more upscale restaurants, here are some helpful tips for restaurant dining with kids.

Inform The Restaurant
Call ahead to make a reservation and let the staff know you will be bringing a baby or young child. They may not have high chairs or room for a stroller so that would be beneficial to know beforehand. You may also want to request a larger table on an end so that your child cannot reach everything and wreak havoc.

Dine During Off-Hours
If you can, eat earlier. The restaurant will likely be less crowded, or populated with other families. However, if you must dine during peak hours, it might help. The restaurant may be packed, and likely very noisy, possibly drowning out your child’s screams or songs.

Get Food ASAP
It is in your best interest to order your child’s food as soon as you are seated. If not, be sure to bring snacks and take those out as soon as you get your table.

New Foods Are Your Friends
Try a variety of dishes and let your child try something new (if they haven’t moved onto the “picky eater” stage yet). You might think you know what your kid likes, but you could be surprised.

Talk A Walk
When your child starts to get fussy, take a walk outside or explore the restaurant. A change of scenery or some movement should help to calm him or her down. But please, stay out of the way of the servers.

Know When To Say When
Toys, books, or iPads could be your secret weapon, but be sure to use them when it is absolutely necessary, rather than whipping them out immediately. Also, if you’re eyeing dessert or an after-dinner drink, but your child is about ready to explode, it will probably be better to get the check and go.

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