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Healthy lunches

Building Healthy Sandwiches

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the holiday season has only just begun. And with the holidays comes the holiday foods. It can be a struggle to stay on track during this time of year. Luckily, preparing meals head of time can help with that, and what’s more convenient than sandwiches?  The tricky thing is that the calories can add up as you add to your sandwich. To build a tasty and healthy sandwich, consider these sandwich tips.

Go Vegetarian
Sticking with a vegetarian sandwich will cut your saturated fat consumption. And when it comes to vegetarian fillings, the options are seemingly endless. From spinach to sprouts, lettuce to lentils, tomatoes to tempeh, you can get rather creative. Depending on your choices, you can also increase your nutrient intake.

Opt For Complex Carbs
Processed, simple carbohydrates (ex. white bread) contain hidden sugars which can cause us to eventually crash and crave more foods. Instead, opt for a clean, complex carb option like sweet potato toast, which is also a great source of fiber. Fiber will help to keep you fuller longer and won’t spike your body’s blood sugar levels.

Swap Spreads For Avocado
Your favorite spreads and condiments could be adding unnecessary calories and sugars to your sandwich. Try swapping those for avocado, which provides a rich, creamy texture. And aside from tasting great, avocados are also packed with heart-healthy fats.

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