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food trends 2015

Food Tastes of America

Have you noticed a difference in your eating habits? Have your family dinners turned into solo meals at home? Are you cooking more often than going out to eat? According to market research from the NPD group, our eating behavior is changing and evolving.

So what trends are the most significant?

Single Servings

Food sellers should consider offering single servings, as most meals are eaten alone these days. According to Census data, 27% of households are made up of one person. We may even see restaurants tailoring their menus for single customers, with an increase in smaller portions, half servings, or side dishes.

Latin Flavor

According to NPD, the Hispanic population is growing in the US. Hispanics are known for home cooked meals, leading them to the grocery stores. Thus, grocery stores may need to expand their selection of Hispanic food instead of having only one aisle dedicated to these groceries.

Its influence is not limited to the grocery store aisles. More and more restaurants are likely to adopt Hispanic influenced dishes, or incorporate Hispanic spices and flavors into their food preparations.

Fresh Millennials

Apparently millennials love fresh foods. They are more likely to eat at home rather than going out to eat, and are more likely to shop the perimeter of the grocery stores (where fresh, non-packaged food can be found). When millennials do eat out, they steer toward “freshly prepared” meals, where they can make modifications to suit their tastes and preferences.


Healthy Boomers 

It seems Baby Boomers tend to eat out more than the rest, and it seem they are choosing to be more health-conscious than before. Foods rich in protein, calcium, and whole grains and low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium are more commonly offered.


Not necessarily included on the NPD list, but as relevant as the other trends is bacon. You can add bacon to pretty much everything. While always thought to be unhealthy, it seems its health reputation is improving. Long-distance runners and cyclists are even calling it “the new fuel food.”

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Hot Food Trends Of 2015

It seems like new food trends pop up almost daily these days. Things like kale, cronuts, ramen burgers, the paleo diet, raw diets, or juice cleanses have all seen the spotlight. Some are hits, others are misses. Regardless, we are lucky to have access to such diverse culinary experiences. Thanks to, we’ve got 8 hottest food trends for 2015, based on at two major industry trade shows earlier this year: the Winter Fancy Food Show and Natural Products ExpoWest. Read on to discover your new favorite food trend.


Commonly known for its use in Indian food, turmeric is beginning to get more acknowledgment.

This spice is known for its role in Indian food, but is now gaining more recognition. Turmeric delivers more than a peppery and bitter flavor. This new superfood offers digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits and will soon show up in more than just Indian curries.

Smoky Flavors

Smoky flavors like chipotle (smoked jalapenos) or smoked meats are well-liked by many, and that flavor profile will soon find its way to both savory and sweet recipes.


Gluten-free diets were originally reserved for those with Celiac disease, a condition in which your body cannot properly digest gluten. While this condition is rare, many adopted gluten-free diets, resulting in increased demand for gluten-free options. In the beginning, gluten-free options were underwhelming. Now, textures and flavors have improved so much so that you can barely tell the difference.

Extreme Heat

There’s something about spicy food that we can’t get enough of. It seems Huy Fong’s Thai-style Sriracha hot sauce acted as a gateway sauce to much spicier varieties. We are seeing more of Korean gochujang, Tunisian harissa, habaneros, ghost peppers, and scorpion chiles – proceed with caution.

Fancy Salt

Salt is getting fancy with different varieties like Maldon salt or pink Himalaya salt. You can add even more flavor to your recipes with flavor infused salts, like Sriracha salt or smoked salt.


It’s not just for sushi anymore. Snack on roasted seaweed alone (like chips), or you can find it incorporated into snacks like popcorn or chips.


Thanks to the Paleo diet, jerky is experiencing a resurgence. Aside from beef, you can try bison, venison, elk, chicken, turkey, and salmon. These varieties also offer different flavors, from Sriracha (are you noticing a trend here?) to coffee.

Ancient Grains

These are also called heritage grains, and include ancient forms of wheat (spelt, kamut, einkorn) to GF quinoa, amanranth, and millet. These are often higher in protein and nutrients and are set to make appearances in packaged goods like pasta or snacks.

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Food Trends For 2015

Food trends tend to be hit and miss. For example, 2014 saw a boom in hybrid desserts, pickled food, and Greek yogurt, but saw a decline in street food, artisan cheese, and healthy seeds, to name a few. While these are based on statistics from GrubHub, we generally are a fickle crowd, loving something until the next great thing comes along.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some predictions on what food trends we’ll see this year.

3-D Printed Food

3-D printers are able to do some amazing things, but did you ever expect them to print out your food? The ChefJet & CocoJet debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the first food safe 3-D printers, printing designs in sugar and chocolate. And later this year, Los Angeles will experience its first Digital Kitchen. As technology advances, it’s likely that 3D printers will become commonplace.

Bugs & Reptiles

This may be new to the US, but other countries have embraced bugs and reptiles as cuisine long before. Nevertheless, some people are embracing this rich protein source, adding these to shakes and smoothies, while others are disgusted. Interest seems to vary greatly, so the success of this trend is hard to predict.

Healthy Candy

Seems like an oxymoron, right? However these healthy candies are rich in protein and fruit, providing much more nutrition than regular candy. There are even Zollipops, made with Xylitol and stevia, to help prevent tooth decay. These healthy treats are likely to appeal to adults and children alike, as long as they maintain that delicious candy flavor.

Fat-Burning Drinks

We live in a world of skepticism. A drink to help us lose weight? While some may instantly jump on board, most are wary, wondering how exactly it works. For example, Celcius has been around with a solid following, however, has yet to gain considerable success. It is said that Nestle is working to formulate a fat-burning drink, which will provide direct competition with Celcius. We’ll have to see how this one plays out.

“Gastro-fast” Dining

Gourmet food produced in a few minutes? Fancy, elaborate dishes are not often associated with quick service, as many understand that good food can take time. Yet, a Miami restaurant is promising 5-star food for $20 in 20 minutes. As hard as it is to believe, it’s hard to predict the success of this trend.

Halal Food

Kosher options are much easier to find these days, it seems Halal food is next. It’s predicted that food certified under the Islamic halal system will become more readily available and easier to find. With significant Islamic population in various areas around the world, it’s likely that this will be much more than a trend.

Meal Replacements

Meal replacements have been around (ex. Ensure), however, a new startup promises 100% of your daily nutritional needs in one drink. Aimed at the younger generation who are always on the go, this provides an easy and convenient way to get your nutrients.

Pizza Re-envisioned

A healthier pizza that comes in a cone shape? It’s true, and has gained popularity across Europe. The Kono Pizza is now making its way to the US, boasting a low calorie crust, and a handy design for on-the-go dining. We tend to love reinventing classics, so the outlook for the Kono Pizza is promising.

Savory Pies

Australian company Pie Face is coming to the US to show us that pies are not just for dessert. They boast savory pies, for consumers to enjoy as a meal. Our beloved chicken pot pie cannot be touched, so we’ll see how Pie Face fares.

Single-Food Restaurants

These may not seem so “new” since there are plenty of standalone ice cream shops and donut shops, but the new concepts are what’s trending. For example, a new restaurant called Potatopia is a build-your-own potato dish startup. With a unique concept and the right location, single-food restaurants can find booming success.

What are your thoughts on these trends? Are there any new trends we may have missed? Share your thoughts and voice your opinions on our social networks – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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