Lentilicious Sandwich

Lentilicious (Vegetarian) Sandwich


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Our Lentilicious Vegetarian Sandwich Is Filled With Great Flavor And Crisp Veggies

Our delicious vegetarian sandwich is Lentilicious! Generous amounts of fresh veggies on our garlic cheese bread make this vegetarian sandwich a lovely choice. Delectable lentils, juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, lettuce, onions, parmesan cheese and mayo pack our Lentilicious vegetarian lunch sandwich with amazing flavors. The garlic cheese bread is like the icing on the cake, complementing the lentils and veggies beautifully. Toasted to perfection, the bread and veggies provide a great contrast of textures. One bite and you can taste the freshness. For yummy vegetarian lunch sandwiches, visit the Brick Market and Deli. Call ahead or order online now.