Hot Capicola Sandwich

Hot Capicola Sandwich


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Our Hot Capicola Sandwich Combines A Bit Of Sweet, Sour And Spice With Just Enough Heat

Looking for a sandwich that perfectly balances different flavors? Our Hot Capicola Sandwich dishes out just that. Sliced, hot capicola brings a mild yet delicious heat, served on sourdough with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, pepperoncinis, pickles and mayo. To accentuate its spicy element, the hot capicola is warmed and paired with the pepper jack cheese. The grilled onions, pepperoncinis and pickles offer some sweetness and acidity to cut the heat without overpowering it. Held together with mayo and sourdough, our Hot Capicola sandwich delivers amazing texture and flavor for you to enjoy. Our newest addition, our hot capicola sandwich will surely become a fan favorite. Craving a little heat in your sandwiches? Try the Hot Capicola Sandwich at Your Neighborhood Deli in Pomona today!