Grilled Sausage Sandwich

Grilled Sausage Sandwich


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Try Our Grilled Sausage Sandwich With Peppers and Onions – Or Without!

Looking for a sandwich with sausages? Try our grilled sausage sandwich. Served on an Italian roll, our sausage and pepper sandwich has sliced sausages, pickles, grilled onions and peppers with jalapeno Monterey jack cheese. The cheese gives our grilled sausage sandwich the perfect amount of spice, flavor, and melted goodness to complement the peppers and onions. The fresh Italian roll serves its purpose by soaking up the flavor while holding all of the ingredients together. Our sausage sandwich with peppers and onions will bring a whole lot of flavor to your mouth without feeling too heavy. For a hearty and delicious sandwich, try our grilled sausage sandwich.