BBQ Pork Sandwich

BBQ Pork Sandwich


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Enjoy The Bold Flavors Of Our BBQ Pork Sandwich

You will love the amazing flavors that our bbq pork sandwich delivers. Unlike other barbecue sandwiches, our sandwich mixes sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors with our own twist. Our all natural roasted pork is sliced and covered with barbecue sauce, topped with Vermont cheddar and house made mustard slaw, then sandwiched between our rosemary garlic sourdough bread. Whether you prefer your sandwiches toasted or non-toasted, the flavors of cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, and roasted pork are beautifully complemented by the texture and taste of our mustard slaw and rosemary garlic sourdough. With every bite of our bbq pork sandwich, savor the delicious fusion of flavors with a hint of heat.