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Pomona Deli

Our Deli Proudly Carries Boar’s Head Meats and Cheeses

At the Brick Market and Deli in Pomona, we proudly carry Boar’s Head meats and Boar’s Head cheeses. These deli meats and specialty cheeses can be ordered in your sandwiches, atop your salads or by the pound for use at home. Known for not cutting corners and delivering premium, high quality meats and cheeses, we stand confident in our decision to provide Boar’s Head meats and cheeses. Boar’s Head specialty cheeses help to add a unique flavor element to our dishes. Try something new with our Boar’s head cheese. Our Boar’s Head Deli meats offer healthy versions of deli meat favorites. Made with less preservatives and sodium, you’ll be able to taste the real flavor of the delicious deli meats. You’ll always get great flavors from the Brick Market and Deli.

Boar’s Head Deli Meats

We offer Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses at the Brick Market and Deli. Our Boar’s Head deli meats add great, clean flavors to our sandwiches and salads. Most of our premium deli meats are gluten free and milk free, allowing us to cater to those with food sensitive diets. Because Boar’s head deli meats use fewer preservatives, our deli meats always bring fresh flavor while being a healthier alternative. Like any delicatessen, we offer a variety of premium deli meats which include ham, salami, pastrami, turkey, roast beef and more. Enjoy these savory deli meats in our signature sandwiches or salads, or purchase them by the pound. Consider the Brick Market and Deli in Pomona, CA, your neighborhood delicatessen.

Premium Cheeses

Our premium cheeses are supplied by Boar’s Head, ensuring fresh, fine cheeses for you to enjoy. Whether you would like to enjoy them within one of our signature sandwiches, atop our crisp salads, or would like to take some fresh cheese slices home, visit the Brick Market and Deli in Pomona, CA. As your local delicatessen, our Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses to provide fresh, healthy, and delicious ingredients for our sandwiches and salads. For the gluten sensitive, our deli cheeses are gluten free. Choose from a variety of deli cheeses such as fine Swiss cheese, creamy havarti, provolone, Muenster, smoked Gouda, and more. You can count on premium cheeses from the Brick Market and Deli.