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Money-Saving Restaurant Tips

Happy New Year! Did you resolve to spend less money at restaurants in 2018? Regardless of whether you did or did not, restaurant dining doesn’t always have to be a splurge. Here are some helpful, money-saving tips for dining out at restaurants.

Pay With Discounted Gift Cards
If you look in the right places, you can find chain restaurant gift cards for less than retail value. For example, wholesale stores (ex. Costco or Sam’s Club) often carry discounted gift cards.

Use Reservation Apps
Making reservations through apps can help you earn points. Once you’ve earned a certain amount of points, you may be able to cash out for a restaurant voucher.

Eat During Happy Hour
Happy Hour is not only reserved for discounted drinks, but many restaurants also offer discounted food items. Though prices and times may vary at different restaurants, dining during happy hour can potentially save you up to 15% on your bill.

Sign Up For Newsletters
Some restaurants may not heavily advertise their deals, so signing up for a newsletter and keeping up with their social media accounts may give you exclusive access to special deals.

Share Plates
Appetizers tend to be more affordable, so sharing a few of these and splitting a main dish may decrease your bill. When it comes to drinking, sharing a bottle of wine, or if the restaurant allows, bringing your own bottle may be more cost-effective. While there may be a corkage fee, you will avoid the markups and may still save money if you opt for a nicer wine.

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