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Celebrate National Brownie Day At The Brick Market & Deli!

December 8 marks National Brownie Day, and we can’t deny a day celebrating one of the sweetest treats! Not quite a cake, not quite a cookie, but delicious nonetheless. Have you ever wondered how brownies came to be?

You may have heard myths like a chef accidentally melted chocolate into biscuit dough, or a cook forgot to add flour to the batter. However, it is said that a special dessert was requested for ladies attending the Chicago 1893 World Fair. The dessert was to be cake-like, yet small enough to be eaten from boxed lunches. A chef at Chicago’s Palmer House Hotel eventually created the first brownie, topped with walnuts and an apricot glaze. To this day, the same recipe is still served there (now “The Palmer House Hilton”).

As delicious as the original sounds, there’s no denying that over the years, some innovative and tasty variations on brownie recipes have emerged. From simple to inventive, what are your favorite brownie recipes? Let us know – find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest!

To celebrate National Brownie Day, we would like to offer you a FREE brownie, no purchase necessary! Simply visit us on Monday December 8, 2014 and get a free brownie, while supplies last. See you then!

It’s National Baklava Day!

National Baklava DayIn case you didn’t know, November 17 is National Baklava Day. You may have tried baklava before, but do you know where it comes from and what makes it so tasty?

A popular Mediterranean dessert with muddled origins, baklava was a special, luxurious dessert, usually only enjoyed by the rich. The basic ingredients consist of nuts, phyllo dough or flat bread, and syrup or honey. Different Middle Eastern countries may claim its origin, with distinct variations of these ingredients. To prepare baklava, the phyllo dough and chopped nuts are typically layered, then baked. Immediately after baking, they are covered with the syrup or honey. Once the syrup or honey has had time to soak into the baklava, it is ready to be served.

The Brick Market & Deli’s baklava is made fresh in house from our special recipe, and has been a hit with many. In honor of National Baklava Day, we’ve got a special offer just for you. Celebrate National Baklava Day with us and receive our yummy baklava for FREE! Simply check-in to the Brick Market & Deli on Yelp and purchase a meal combo (Sandwich or Salad Your Way). Let your cashier know and you’ll receive a baklava with your meal. This offer only applies on Monday 11/17/14 and is not valid with any other offer, gift card, or discount.

If you’ve ever had our baklava, you won’t want to miss this. And if you’ve never tried it, come try it for free on National Baklava Day. We hope to see you all soon!