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Delicious Fruit Salads

As the weather warms up and more fruits come into season, refreshing fruit salads are a coveted dish. But there’s more to fruit salads than just chopping fruits and tossing them into a bowl. The best fruit salads are not only visually stunning, but create a beautiful balance of flavors and textures. To create your own fruit salad masterpiece, check out these tips and tricks.

  • Seasonal Fruit
    Overall, seasonal fruit simply tastes better. When in season, their flavors and textures are far superior than that of off-season fruits. When choosing your ingredients, opt for seasonal produce that is local to you.
  • Ripeness
    In terms of texture, you want to choose fruits that are at same (or similar) level of ripeness. When you don’t, your salad may contain bites that are mushy or too tart or tough. Mixing similarly ripe fruits together will keep your salad looking fresh and vibrant longer.
  • Colors & Textures
    Speaking of vibrancy, fruit salads are easily one of the most visually appealing salads. The different colors and hues of the fruits you choose will highlight and contrast each other. A variation of textures can also keep your taste buds pleased. Choose a combination of seedy fruits along with crispy or juicy fruits or some with fibrous skins.
  • Remove Stems, Pits & Skins
    With cherries and strawberries and the like, you should remove the stems, pits, and, when necessary, the skins. If you cannot remove the pits or seeds, make sure your guests are aware to prevent any unpleasant surprises.
  • Consistency
    You want to cut your fruits into uniform pieces. This not only helps your salad visually, but it keeps each bite relatively even and easier to consume.
  • Equal Parts
    In addition, you want to use equal parts of each fruit so that one does not overpower the other.
  • Season With Citrus
    Nothing compliments a delicious fruit salad like fresh citrus zest and juice from lemons or limes. The citrus juice also helps to prevent the fruit from browning.
  • Herbs: More Than A Garnish
    You can continue to enhance the flavors of your fruit salad by adding fresh herbs. For example, mint is often used as a garnish, but it can be a refreshing and delicious addition when to the mixed in.
  • Granulated Sugar
    If you happen to pick up some fruits that are not quite ripe yet, you can soften and sweeten them with a bit of granulated sugar (to taste). After a few minutes, the granules will dissolve into the fruit, so no need to worry about the grainy texture.
  • Add Whipped Cream Or Yogurt
    Want to add some creamy richness to your fruit salad? Whipped cream or yogurt can be a great addition, especially for berries and stone fruits.

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Celebrate National Brownie Day At The Brick Market & Deli!

December 8 marks National Brownie Day, and we can’t deny a day celebrating one of the sweetest treats! Not quite a cake, not quite a cookie, but delicious nonetheless. Have you ever wondered how brownies came to be?

You may have heard myths like a chef accidentally melted chocolate into biscuit dough, or a cook forgot to add flour to the batter. However, it is said that a special dessert was requested for ladies attending the Chicago 1893 World Fair. The dessert was to be cake-like, yet small enough to be eaten from boxed lunches. A chef at Chicago’s Palmer House Hotel eventually created the first brownie, topped with walnuts and an apricot glaze. To this day, the same recipe is still served there (now “The Palmer House Hilton”).

As delicious as the original sounds, there’s no denying that over the years, some innovative and tasty variations on brownie recipes have emerged. From simple to inventive, what are your favorite brownie recipes? Let us know – find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest!

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It’s National Baklava Day!

National Baklava DayIn case you didn’t know, November 17 is National Baklava Day. You may have tried baklava before, but do you know where it comes from and what makes it so tasty?

A popular Mediterranean dessert with muddled origins, baklava was a special, luxurious dessert, usually only enjoyed by the rich. The basic ingredients consist of nuts, phyllo dough or flat bread, and syrup or honey. Different Middle Eastern countries may claim its origin, with distinct variations of these ingredients. To prepare baklava, the phyllo dough and chopped nuts are typically layered, then baked. Immediately after baking, they are covered with the syrup or honey. Once the syrup or honey has had time to soak into the baklava, it is ready to be served.

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