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End Of Summer Grilling Tips

Although summer is coming to an end, the weather is still perfect for outdoor grilling. Whether you’re grilling to say goodbye to summer or take advantage of the beautiful weather, make the most of your grill with the smart grilling tips.

  • Control The Temperature

Temperature plays an important role in food safety, especially when you’re outside with elevated temperatures. That’s precisely why when you’re grilling, a meat thermometer is a necessity. It is the most accurate way to control temperature and ensure you don’t give your guests food poisoning.

  • Never Run Out Of Gas

Here’s a smart tip to determine propane levels. Take a pitcher of hot water and slowly pour it over the top of your propane tank. The hot water will warm the metal where the tank is empty, while the metal next to the liquid propane will stay cold. You can feel for the level where the hot meets cold and determine whether or not it’s time to stock up.

  • Clean Your Grill Grates

Keep your grill grates clean to avoid the nasty flavor of burnt grease. Turn up the heat and burn off as much grease as possible, and remember to tend to the underside of the grill grates as well. For a cheap and safe DIY grill scraper, use a wadded up piece of aluminum foil.

  • Dimple You Burgers

If you’re looking for perfectly done burgers, dimple them. Form the burgers to your preferred thickness and then make a deep depression in the center with your thumb. Because burgers tend to puff up under heat, the dimple prevents uneven cooking and raw centers.

  • Grill Perfect Chicken Breasts

To avoid unevenly cooked chicken breasts, the trick is to pound the chicken breast flat first to eliminate the troublesome teardrop shape. But remember to cover the meat with plastic wrap before pounding to prevent raw juices from splattering.

  • Dry Your Meat

Moisture on the surface of meat creates steam and prevents browning. If you are not marinating your meat, pat the food dry before placing it on the grill. Then apply a fine coat of oil to promote browning.

  • Double Up On Tools

To prevent contaminating your cooked meat with raw juices, designate one tool for raw meat and the other for cooked.

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