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Crafting Better Salads At Home

Salads are often seen as boring diet food, but they don’t have to be boring. When making salads at home, they may fall flat in comparison to store bought or restaurant salads, but there are ways to get around these issues. Here are the best salad tricks to ensure you are making a yummy salad at home.

  • Wash & Dry The Leaves Thoroughly
    You want to start your salad with clean and dry leaves to ensure that your salad dressing adheres to the leaves. Most of us simply rinse our greens under the sink, but dunking them into a bowl full of water and massaging the dirt out is more effective. Rather than using paper towels, invest in a salad spinner to thoroughly dry the leaves.
  • Salt The Dressing
    All too often this step is forgotten, but adding salt to the dressing can make all the difference. Whether you’re making a fancy dressing or simply using oil and vinegar, adding salt will help to enhance flavors and improve your salad overall. To take it a step further, try a flavored salt.
  • Use Varying Textures
    Using contrasting textures will help to elevate your salad experience. Crunchy nuts, creamy cheeses, and chewy dried fruits are great toppings that will keep each bite of salad unique and delicious.
  • Create Balanced Flavors
    Aside from varying textures, you want to keep your flavors diverse yet balanced. Your salad should have salty, sweet, acidic and bitter flavors by way of protein, fruit, vinaigrette, and greens. Get creative and represent as many flavor profiles as possible.
  • Opt For Seasonal Greens
    We all know seasonal produce tastes better when in season, but did you know that lettuce and other greens have their seasons too? In the winter, warm up to kale and Brussels sprouts, and in the spring and summer, choose butter lettuce and romaine.
  • Measure Equal Amounts Of Toppings
    If you’ve ever been served a salad that was skimpy on ingredients, you know how disappointing that can be. When making your own, use the proper portions and try to use equal measurements of all the salad toppings. This is especially important for salads such as the Cobb.
  • Toast The Nuts
    Did you know that toasting nuts helps to enhance their flavor and texture? Next time you plan on adding almonds, cashews, walnuts, or other nuts, toast them first. But remember to cool them to room temperature before topping your salad.
  • Experiment With Different Oils & Vinegars
    Much like flavored salt in your dressing can add more flavor, using different oils and vinegars can push your salad even further. While balsamic vinegar and olive oil are often the go-to, opt for infused or other variations of oils and vinegars, such as avocado oil, walnut oil, rice vinegar, sherry vinegar, or Champagne vinegar.
  • Toss In Delicate Herbs & Flowers
    This trick not only adds more flavor, but also a pop of color to enhance your salad presentation. Try mint, basil, parsley, fennel fronds, or dill. Be adventurous and add edible flowers if they are available to you – they add a peppery flavor.
  • Add A Luxurious Topping
    Save these toppings for last for more impressive presentation and a sophisticated, unique flavor. Think blue cheese, duck confit, quail eggs, or bone marrow.

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