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Avoid These Restaurant Dining Faux Pas

Dining out at a restaurant should be a fun and pleasant experience, but we all know that is not always the case. For the consideration of your party, other diners, and the restaurant staff themselves, please avoid doing these things in a restaurant.

X      Don’t keep your phone ringer on.

We may all be guilty of using our phone during a meal, however, we should refrain from this, especially when dining with company. Ringers should be silenced and phones should be put away. And this rule is not only limited to dining guests – the wait staff and back-of-the-house employees should refrain from check their phones and taking calls.

X      Don’t sit down at a big table well before the rest of the group arrives.

If you have a big party, and you know your friends are running late, don’t sit at the table early. Their inconsideration to you should not spill over onto you. Instead, let the restaurant utilize the tables while you wait for your guests at the bar or in the waiting area. The wait staff will appreciate you allowing them to serve more tables, rather than lingering at your table alone.

     Don’t block the server’s path.

Blocking a busy pathway is not only a nuisance to diners and staff, but it can pose a potential hazard and safety issue. It is likely that servers are walking back and forth with plates of hot food and drinks and any roadblock can slow them down and possibly trip them up.

X      Don’t let the kids run wild.

With that said, please don’t let your kids run wild. If the kids are running around, they can get hurt or be in the way of others. We understand that kids need to eat to, but please be mindful of other diners and the workers.

X      Don’t stray too far from the menu.

Slight modifications and special requests are to be expected, and are usually easily accommodated. However, don’t go too crazy as the chef has put much thought and consideration into the menu. If you have serious allergies to common foods or ingredients, be sure to call head to ensure that they can safely cater to your food allergies.

X      As the host, don’t finish first.

If you are hosting the dinner and have gathered your group of friends at a restaurant, make sure to pace yourself so that you end up being the last one to finish each course. This behavior has somewhat disappeared over the time, but it is a way to signal the wait staff that they can collect everyone’s plate once the last person finishes.

X      Don’t reach across the table.

It’s great to share food, but there’s a right and wrong way to do it. Instead of reaching across and sticking your fork in the other person’s food, politely ask them to put a bit on a bread plate and pass the plate along.

X      Don’t ask to split the bill several ways after you’ve gotten the check

If you know you would like to split the bill between your guests, check with your server beforehand to see what the best approach would be. If they know ahead of time, they can keep orders separate and organized. Or remind your guests to bring enough cash to chip in ahead of time.

X      Don’t tip according to a comped price.

When it comes to tipping, whether you get something comped because you know the right people, or you purchase a great discounted deal, you should always tip on the full price.

X      Don’t show up right before the kitchen closes.

Although a restaurant is technically still open, you should still be considerate. It is considered poor taste to stroll in minutes before a restaurant is closing. If it seems like they are already in closing mode, you may want to take that as a cue to move on.

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