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Best Breads For Sandwiches

As National Sandwich Month rolls on, we set our sights on the foundation of the sandwich. We may focus on the various ingredients we can put into a sandwich to make it bold and unique, but the bread is often overlooked and underestimated. The bread plays a very important part of your sandwich. Not only does it hold the ingredients together, but it also contributes important texture and flavor to enhance your sandwich.

With that said, here are some common bread types and the sandwiches for which they are best suited.

Brioches & Challahs
For the ultimate soft and squishy bread, challah and its sweeter French cousin brioche take top billing. These breads work with almost everything. The fluffy texture and sweetness balance salty flavors, such as savory prosciutto, umami-packed condiments and even lobster salad. On the other hand, you may play up the sweetness with nut butter, chocolate spread, and/or fluff.

Rolls & Thick-Cut Slices
For a hearty sandwich, you are going to need some hearty bread. For example, pulled pork or meatball sandwiches require more support, and thus, go better with a bun or roll. However, if you prefer sliced bread, remember that fillings that are more likely to get soggy (think marinated steak or tomatoes for bruschetta) are best paired with thick-cut bread slices.

Baguettes are great for nearly any sandwich since they are so versatile and light. They can be sliced thin to better highlight ingredients, and can handle more serious toppings for feeding crowds. Their versatility lends to open-faced sandwiches and tartine.

Despite the argument that wraps are not sandwiches, they are worth mentioning. Lavash is great for a breakfast scramble or veggie wrap, while pita bread is an ideal home for kefta and falafel. The key is to make sure your fillings are malleable enough for a proper wrap.

Oil-Based Loaves
Mediterranean-influenced sandwiches are best with olive oil based bread like focaccia or ciabatta. Olive bread is a great option as well, as its flavor will complement your feta, pickles and capers.

Whole-Grain Breads
Earthy, multi-textured loaves are best matched with healthy fillings such as leafy greens, sprouts, spreads, tofu or tempeh. Or you can use it to balance your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

This classic bread is great for classic sandwiches, such as the BLT or a grilled cheese. Sourdough offers great textures with its soft and chewy center and crunchy crust along with the slight tang, which help to showcase the sandwich fillings. For those who enjoy a little savory with their sweets, sourdough is great for making dessert sandwiches.

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