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Creating The Ultimate Sandwich

Crafting the ultimate sandwich can be a delicate task. We all have our own personal preferences, but there are some things we can all agree on when it comes to sandwiches. Here are a few tips to help improve your sandwich building strategies.

  • Less Can Be More

Sure, you see these colossal sandwiches on social media, so enormous you may wonder how one actually takes a bite. While they may make your mouth water, realistically, these sandwiches would likely be a sloppy mess. Instead, aim to create a modest, proportionate sandwich with flavors and textures that work together.

  • Bread Choice Is Key

Bread choice is just as important as the sandwich contents. Your sandwich bread and fillings should always complement each other in terms of flavor, texture, and girth. But in some cases, such as tortas and cemitas, the breads make the sandwich.

  • Structure Strategy

Just like a building, you want your sandwich to start with a solid foundation. You want to start with meats on the bottom as they are often the heaviest. For cold sandwiches, cheese should go next, but for hot sandwiches, add it last so it has a chance to melt. In the center should be lettuce or leafy greens – you can use them as a net to help keep everything in place. Next, add pickles, tomatoes, and other vegetables you favor. These should be carefully layered over the contours of everything beneath it (think Tetris). Then spread sauces or condiments onto the bottom of the top bread slice (gravity will help work them into everything below). You may also spread sauce or condiments on the bottom bread slice too, however, it may make it a bit slippery for the meat.

  • Sliced Perfection

Sandwich shops have the upper hand thanks to the meat slicer, allowing them to slice their meat as thin or thick as they desire. They also prep their vegetables too, creating uniform slices for optimal layering. At home, these things may come out uneven or too thick. To remedy this, sharpen your knives or invest in a mandoline.

  • Sauce Lightly

Sauce can compliment your sandwich, especially if you are using dry ingredients, however, too much can overwhelm your sandwich as well. Remember to use sauce moderately. If you’re saving your sandwich for later, pack it separately to keep bread fresh and avoid the dreaded soggy sandwich. Or you can simply serve the sauce on the side (ex. the French Dip).

  • Look Inside (Your Fridge)

Skip the deli counter and check your fridge for unlikely, but tasty, sandwich fillings. Maybe last night’s leftovers, such as roast chicken or bits of steak, can be the star of your sandwich. You may even discover your new favorite sandwich or ingredient combination.

  • Simplicity Is Underrated

Fully loaded sandwiches can work, but they can also become overkill very easily. Instead of trying to cram too many flavors together, try choosing a couple flavors that work well together. For example, you can choose a meat, cheese, and flavored spread trio that you enjoy and build upon that with other mild toppings.

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