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Choosing Healthy Options For Breakfast

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast can help sustain your energy throughout the day. If you are headed to a local restaurant or diner, choosing a healthy breakfast may seem like a bit of a challenge. Beyond the tempting pancakes and waffles, you can find a healthy breakfast on the restaurant menu. Here are some smart breakfast options.

  • Eggs

Get a healthy dose of protein when you opt for eggs. You can choose boiled eggs, or try poached eggs, and season them with salt, pepper, or a dash of hot sauce. If you are concerned about cholesterol, try an egg white omelet and ask them to go light on the butter or use cooking spray.

  • Fruit

Most restaurants offer fresh fruit. You can order it as a side or have a fruit salad as a main dish. You may even be able to have it served with yogurt, just ask.

  • Bread

Skip the white bread and opt for whole wheat bread. Ask for butter and jam on the side and be mindful of your portions.

  • Beverages

It’s always smart to hydrate with water. If you can, swap your coffee for herbal tea (try earl grey tea with lemon). If you need your coffee, drink it black or try skim milk, and avoid sugars and artificial sweeteners.

  • Dairy Products

While these are excellent sources of calcium, they can also be loaded with fat. When choosing dairy products, try skim milk and instead of butter, swap in low-fat or nonfat yogurt.

Remember to choose breakfast foods that will energize you rather than weigh you down. A lean protein is key, along with color, in the form of fruits or vegetables.

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