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A Healthy Twist On Halloween

Halloween is known for trick-or-treating, with the treats often being candies and sweets loaded with sugar. While kids may love these treats, too much can be bad for their health. Tooth decay, belly aches, unhealthy habits, and extra pounds are just some of the negative effects.

There are ways to have a healthier Halloween while still keeping the kids happy. Try some of these healthy ideas.

  • Nix candy for healthier options – Yes, kids love candy, but they may also love a creative, healthy treat. Small oranges or fruit cups made to look like mini jack-o-lanterns or festive popcorn balls are some of the ways you can make Halloween treats healthier.
  • Trick Or Toys? – You can avoid giving out candy or snacks all together and opt for small toys, stickers, temporary tattoos, pencils, erasers, or glow sticks. This is also a great alternative for the children with food allergies.
  • Get moving! – Candy consumption around Halloween increases, but so does walking. Although you are walking around the neighborhood, you may want to increase your outdoor activity not only as a way to boost physical health, but as another way to bond with family. You can take a walk around the block before Halloween to plan a route, check out Halloween decorations, or to simply get some fresh air.
  • Feed the kiddos a full and healthy meal before they indulge in their treats – This will give them fuel for the walk and decrease the temptation to sneak a treat while out. Also, snacking while on the way is discouraged – you should go home and inspect all the candies before the kids eat them.
  • More candy than you expected? Look into local dentists or other businesses for a candy-donation or buy-back program. Be sure to call first to confirm the details.

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