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Healthier Comfort Foods

When you think of comfort foods, you may think of donuts, pizza, macaroni and cheese, or chocolate – all of which are foods that are deliciously indulgent and may possibly lead to a food coma or upset stomach. However, comfort foods don’t have to leave you feeling lethargic and guilty. Here are some tasty, healthy alternatives to some common comfort foods.

If you’re craving a Chocolate Mocha Latte, try a Turmeric Latte instead.
Of course, a sweet latte sounds perfect for a chilly morning, but opting for the latter can help your immune system. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that has both anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Turmeric lattes can be prepared in many different ways, allowing you to create one that suits your tastes. Try blending some turmeric, warm almond milk (or other milk alternative), coconut oil and black pepper.

If you’re craving a Chocolate Chip Muffin, try a Veggie Muffin instead.
Pairing your morning coffee with a croissant or donut may be your idea choice, but swapping that pastry for a veggie-heavy muffin can be a smarter choice. You can increase your nutrient intake by making muffins with shredded veggies (ex. carrots, pumpkin, zucchini) and almond or chickpea flour. Depending on the veggies and fruit you choose to include, you can get a great amount of vitamins and minerals to help boost your immune system.

If you’re craving Mashed Potatoes, try Cauliflower Mash instead.
Cauliflower mash creates a comparable creaminess to satisfy your mashed potato craving (try using coconut milk). Or try recreating mac and cheese with whole grain (or chickpea) pasta and a butternut squash-based sauce. You can even make creamed spinach healthier by sautéing baby spinach and chopped leeks, then adding low-fat milk and a little goat cheese. One cup of spinach contains 8.4mg of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and known to decrease the length and severity of a cold.

If you’re craving Creamy Chowder, try a hearty Veggie or Bean Soup instead.
Start by simmering your favorite vegetables (ex. celery, onion, carrots) to create a tasty base, and then add in the broth of your choice. If you want a creamy texture, skip the heavy milk and cream and add butternut squash or pumpkin before pureeing. If you choose to include leafy greens like kale, and a cup of white beans, you’ll get a dose of vitamin C and zinc, which work together to aid in the production of antibodies that fight the cold and flu.

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