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Easy Winter Meal Prep

With colder weather and darker nights in the winter, fast food or ordering in might be more enticing option than cooking dinner after a long work day. While some may enjoy meal prep and cooking, others may feel less motivated. For the latter, here are some helpful cooking tips to make preparing meals easier and more healthful.

Steaming is one of the easiest ways to prepare vegetables. Chop up your favorites and steam them over boiling water until tender (based on your personal preference). Save yourself some time by steaming large batches. Allow it to cool, and then refrigerate it for a week’s worth of veggies.

Rice Cooker
Aside from rice, you can also cook quinoa, oats, and other grains in this convenient kitchen tool. And most rice cookers come with a built-in steaming compartment so you can kill two birds with one stone. And, again, you can cook large batches to store in the refrigerator for the week.

Soup, stew, chili, oatmeal – you name it, you can probably prepare it in the beloved Crockpot. Thanks to the internet, there are countless Crockpot recipes available so you’re sure to find one that suits your fancy. And you can make large batches to enjoy during the week.

Warm up the oven and roast your veggies! Because it can handle more foods at a time, it’s easy to roast a wide variety of veggies to prepare for the week. Enjoy them as a side dish or a lovely, healthy snack.

Because some fruits and vegetables are seasonal, they are usually picked pre-maturely in the winter (which decreases their nutritional value), stored in a dark place, and shipped from all over the world. By the time it reaches our local grocery stores and our kitchen, nutritional value is virtually diminished. On the other hand, frozen fruits and veggies are usually flash frozen within a few minutes or hours of being picked, helping to retain most of their nutritional value.

If you can obtain fruits and veggies locally and in season, go for it. But if that is not an option, frozen fruits and veggies are not that bad of an alternative. Plus, they are relatively easy to cook and re-heat.

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