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Simple Nutrition Advice

Paleo or plant-based, or Mediterranean, oh my! Nutrition and diet advice can be quite confusing. One day, a new diet or food is good for you, the next, there are dangers associated with it. From diets that boost health and weight loss to magical superfoods, it’s hard to believe what’s best for you.

Whether you’re trying to trim your waist or improve your health, the best nutrition advice can be summed up by Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies & Public Health Marion Nestle in these 14 words:

“Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits; balance calories; don’t eat too much junk food.”

Or you can take this advice from author Michael Pollan:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Or, in its simplest form, as said by writer Mark Bittman:

“Eat real food.”

For the most part, the messages are similar and seem like common sense. Eat real, natural foods and try to balance your intake with activity. While these all sound simple enough, it’s almost always easier said than done.

And confusion still remains thanks to food companies and media hype. Companies exaggerate their products to get them to sell, while the media loves to report about breakthrough studies that may not have much merit behind them. If you can drown out this noise and get down to the basics, nutrition doesn’t have to be all that confusing.

With all foods, there are advantages and disadvantages. For example, we know that junk food is processed and chock full of additives and preservatives that are bad for us and that plants usually provide us with the most nutrients. However, aside from health issues, we do not need to cut certain foods from our diet completely. Moderation and balance are key.

Eat well, eat smart, and don’t overdo it – that’s something we can all understand. If you’d like to share your own nutrition advice and tips, connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also find and follow us on Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest.

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