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Futuristic Food Trends

We are seeing a change in the food industry. Aside from the spotlight on food quality and food waste, technology is influencing the culinary scene. Check out these new food trends on the horizon.

Chewable Coffee
Why drink your coffee when you can chew it? Thanks to Nootrobox, you no longer have to get up and brew a pot of coffee for your daily caffeine fix, just eat a Go Cube instead. Go Cubes are made with real cold-brew coffee and are equivalent to drinking half a cup of coffee. These innovative bites promise to improve clarity and focus without the unwanted caffeine side effects.

Realistic Imitations
Meat substitutes will be hard to distinguish from the real thing when you look at them. Beyond Meat creates plant-based burgers that “bleed” (pulverized beet blend) with each bite. Impossible Foods make a legume-based burger that very closely mimics the real thing. David Chang (of Momofuku restaurant fame) tried it and said, “Today I tasted the future and it was vegan.”

For dairy substitutes, Kite Hill produces yogurts and cream cheese spreads from almond blends and makes it hard to tell the difference.

The Automat
As it was once the go-to food destination in mid-twentieth century New York, the automat is back. Whether dining in or out, vegetarian fast-food chain Eatsa is employing technology to automate the order and pick-up process, eliminating the need for human interaction. Their specialty quinoa bowls are served through glass cubbies in the wall. Two locations are now open in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Preserving Livestock
Can you imagine enjoying meat without sacrificing an animal’s life? It is possible thanks to Memphis Meats. They extract small amounts of cells from cows, pigs, and chickens, to essentially grow meat in the lab. This synthetic meat is said to use 90% less water and land, and 50% less energy in comparison to real beef. We may see this in stores as soon as 2021.

Furthermore, Modern Meadow just raised $40 million to create lab-grown leather, with their eyes set on lab-grown meat in the future.

Meal-Replacement Drinks
Ideal for those who are too busy to sit down and eat a meal, or those who enjoy convenience, meal-replacement drinks are here. Soylent 2.0 is said to meet 20% of your essential vitamins and minerals needs, and tastes like the milk leftover after a bowl of cereal. It comes ready-to-drink in a bottle (unlike its powder-form predecessor), adding to its convenience factor.

Raw Juice Vending Machines
Instead of getting your cold-pressed juice in a bottle, why not hit up a raw juice vending machine? The Juicebot vending machine is a convenient way to get raw, cold-pressed juice, dispensed in eight-ounce servings. Due to its sensitive nature, Juicebot keeps the raw juice refrigerated and vacuum-sealed to maintain the appropriate temperature, pH levels, and acidity.

Robot-Made Burgers
The need for a human to make your burgers is no longer necessary. Momentum Machines has created a fully autonomous robot (slice, grill, assemble, bag) that can accurately create 400 made-to-order burgers per hour. The company plans to open a restaurant in San Francisco in the future.

Ugly Food Decreases Food Waste
Food waste a large problem, and the fact that six billion pounds of fruits and vegetables are left unharvested or unsold every year because they are consider too small, fat, or weird-looking does not help. Luckily, these “rejects” will get a second chance. Imperfect is a produce delivery company working to salvage “ugly” produce. They buy it inexpensively from California farmers and deliver it to their Oakland and Berkeley subscribers for about half of what you would pay for comparable produce at the grocery store. Whole Foods appreciates the cause and even began selling some Imperfect fruit at their stores.

Healthy Fast Food
Gone are the days of feeling guilty for indulging in fast food; healthy fast food is here. Sweetgreen is a salad bar that serves generously portioned salads made with organic, locally sourced ingredients. Amy’s is America’s first vegan drive-thru, serving healthy comfort food such as Broccoli Cheddar Mac. And Kimbal Musk (Elon’s brother) is set to open an organic sandwich and salad shop in Memphis, Tennessee, where food will cost $5 or less, in August.

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