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Thrifty Super Bowl Party Tips

Want to have people over for a Super Bowl party, but think you don’t have enough time to plan and prep? Think again. These cost-effective and easy tips will help you throw a fun gathering on a budget.

Consider how many people your house can hold comfortably, as well as how many guests you would like to host. Make a guest list so you don’t end up inviting more people than you would have liked. But also keep in mind that on a short notice, some people may already have prior commitments. With that said, you can forgo formal invites. Instead use social media to create an event, try a free electronic invitation service, or simply call or text those who you would like to invite.

Keep it simple. A couple of appetizers and a main course should suffice. For example, you can do chips and vegetables with dips to start, and pizza as the main course. Or make it even easier, make it potluck style. If you’d like, you can take care of a main dish or two, and have your guests bring snacks or appetizers of their choice.

Along the same lines, you can ask your guests bring their own beverage, too. Just be sure you have refrigerator space or coolers and ice for the beverages. You can opt to buy large bags of ice at the store, or simply start packaging your own ice from your ice maker days prior to the game.

Try your luck at the dollar store for inexpensive decorations. Get football-themed supplies or choose your preferred team’s colors to keep things festive. You can probably find great party favors, too (ex. mini footballs, sports related toys) for the kids or kids at heart.

Kids Party Games
Speaking of kids, you may need some form of entertainment for them besides the big game. You can create a craft station, where kids can color, work on mini art projects, or even decorate cookies. Search online for free and kid-friendly games, templates, and craft ideas. To keep with the Super Bowl theme, you can find games and crafts related to football.

Backup Plans
For those who have a longer drive home, brew a pot of coffee toward the end of the night. If you are serving alcohol, make sure your guests have designated drivers and you have an ample supply of water to keep your guests hydrated. And if necessary, be sure you have space for those who need to stay the night.

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