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How Much Protein Do You Need?

Protein is an essential nutrient which is responsible for the building and repair of body tissues. Previously, you could only get a good amount of protein from meats and dairy. These days, you can find various protein bars, shakes, and more. With the abundance of sources, how much protein do we really need?

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein is 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight every day. For example, a person weighing 150 pounds should consume 54 grams of protein per day (150 x 0.36). Consuming the RDA is feasible. For your reference, 4 ounces of chicken contains about 32 grams of protein, while 1 large egg contains 6 grams, and an 8 ounce glass of skim milk contains 8 grams.

Because protein helps to build new muscles, its importance grows as we age. As we get older, we begin to lose muscle mass each year. This can negatively affect our abilities to walk, run, swim or dance. Even consuming the RDA for protein when you’re older may not stop the decrease in muscle mass.

A person age 40 or older may benefit more by spacing out his/her protein intake by attempting to consume about 20-30 grams of protein per meal. By moderately increasing the RDA, you may be enhancing muscle protein synthesis.

While animal sources of protein are a great source of protein, they also can contain high amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol. It is wise to stick with chicken, turkey, and fish for animal protein, since they are lower in saturated fat than veal, pork, beef, or lamb.

Fish can also add a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids. If you want to decrease your intake of saturated fats while boosting the amount of omea-3′s in your diet, try consuming fish at least twice a week. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, and bluefish tend to be higher in fat than white fish (ex. flounder, halibut, cod), thus higher in omega-3′s.

While most vegetarian sources of protein don’t contain all of the essential amino acids, you can still get all the nutrients you need with a varied diet.

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