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Eat More Vegetables This Winter

Seasonal vegetables can provide a much needed change in your kitchen while providing great nutrition. Did you resolve to improve your health this year? Try adding these power foods to your meals this winter.

Whether you love or hate broccoli, its health benefits cannot be denied. Packed with vitamins and minerals, broccoli helps to reduce the probability of serious health issues and refreshes and revitalizes skin, hair, and metabolic rate. Because it is a great source of iron, it can be very beneficial to pregnant women.

Eating it raw or steamed can maximize your nutrient intake. You can also add it to an omelet, or create a wholesome salad with other nutrient rich ingredients.

Of course you’ve heard that carrots are good for your vision, but they are also great sources of fiber and vitamins A, C, E, and K. They can strengthen your immune system and even help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Boil, steam or roast these bad boys for delicious soups or stews. Or enjoy them peeled and raw, with herbed dips or hummus. You can even enjoy them in sweet treats like cakes or muffins.

Versatile and valuable, garlic has antioxidizing properties that help boost your immune and cardiovascular systems. Acne, the common cold, hair loss, blood pressure issues, fatigue, and athlete’s foot can be warded off with regular and consistent consumption of garlic.

Roasted or raw, garlic can be used in nearly any dish as a medicinal herb or culinary spice.

Peas are rich in protein, fiber, and micronutrients. Their lutein and vitamin A content help vision and vitamin K aids in calcium absorption. Peas also help to reduce depression and slow signs of aging, while improving heart health and your immune system.

Peas are tasty when sautéed with herbs and spices. You can enjoy snow peas or snap peas raw, stir-fried, or in curry form. But be aware that cooking them will cause them to become sweeter.

Turnips are low calorie, a great source of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber, and are available all winter long. Often overlooked, turnips are yummy and provide excellent health benefits.

Both the root and the tops greens can be useful when cooking stews or mixed with other vegetables. Young turnips can be used in uncooked salads for a slightly sweet taste.

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