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Sandwich Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but your leftovers (most likely) remain. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce – whatever it is, you can probably turn it into a delicious sandwich. Check out these leftover turkey sandwich ideas and recipes for fun and inventive meals.

Turkey, Smashed Avocado, Cranberry, Brie, & Mashed Potato Waffle Melts
The name itself is a deliciously telling mouthful. Swapping regular bread for waffles is genius, and the different flavors and textures of the ingredients work beautifully together.

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Pesto Panini
This Italian twist on your leftovers turns it into a whole different meal! Your delicious turkey, mixed with classic Italian flavors, wrapped in wonderfully toasted French bread is like a dream.

Apple Cranberry Turkey Salad
This creative take on chicken salad combines your leftover turkey with apple and cranberries for a deliciously sweet and savory sandwich.

Grilled Turkey Florentine
Leftover turkey, spinach, sautéed mushrooms, and bacon come together in this masterpiece of a sandwich.

The Afternoon Snack Turkey Sandwich
The flavors of turkey, bacon and sharp cheddar are wonderfully complemented by the slices of honeycrisp apples.

Turkey Grilled Cheese
You can’t go wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich, and adding some of your leftover turkey only makes it better.

Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich
You already know how great turkey and cranberry sauce is together, so adding some toppings and condiments of your choice and putting it all between two pieces of your favorite bread is the best way to savor your thanksgiving dinner, just a little differently.

The New B.L.T.
The club and B.L.T. sandwich meet to create this yummy concoction. Use your delicious turkey remnants with the real kicker in this sandwich – chipotle mayo. YUM.

Buffalo Turkey Sandwich
This sandwich brings flavor in a big way. The spicy buffalo flavor is offset by the creamy celery yogurt spread. Use your favorite bread or buns and you’re set!

Turkey Cuban Sandwich
Make your Cuban sandwich a bit lighter by substituting roast pork with your leftover turkey. Or make it heavier by simply adding leftover turkey to the classic recipe.

Turkey Cranber-wee Bagel Sandwich
Great for kids and adults, and the perfect size, these bagel sandwiches are a smart and easy way to enjoy your leftovers.

Turkey & Brie Panini
This tasty recipe calls for a sweet, hot chile glaze that takes this panini to another level.

Turkey & Guacamole Quesadilla
Kick up your quesadilla game with leftover turkey plus guacamole.

What are some of your favorite ways to reinvent your Thanksgiving leftovers? Share your recipes or ideas with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, or Pinterest!

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