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Get Out Of Your Food Rut

Are you often pressed for time or cooking with limited ingredients? Have you found yourself making the same things repeatedly out of convenience? Are you sick of your perpetual meal routine? Check out these helpful tips to get you out of your food rut.

Herbs & Spices
Experimenting with herbs and spices can transform your favorite recipes and easily pull you out of your food rut. Substituting or adding a new herb or spice is an easy and inexpensive way to change things up.

Go Global
Draw influences from the classic flavors and dishes from around the world, or take a stab at traditional ethnic food. Thanks to the Internet you can find new recipes in seconds.

Switch Grains
If rice and quinoa are the only grains you’re accustomed to, it’s no surprise you might find yourself in a food rut. Ancient grains are gaining in popularity, but there are also many other options out there. You can try amaranth, faro, teff, or millet. If you want to stick with rice, you can try different varieties such as red rice or black forbidden rice.

Something New
If you cook the same thing day in and day out, it might be time to try something new. Scope out new veggies at the farmer’s market or in the produce aisle of your grocery store and learn more about them. Find recipes in books or online and make it a point to try something new on a regular basis.

Breakfast / Dinner Swap
Breakfast food isn’t reserved for mornings only anymore. Enjoy your favorite breakfast staples for dinner instead. And that dinner you were planning on having? Save it for the morning and have it for breakfast.

Raw vs. Cooked
Instead of cooking your foods, like vegetables, try enjoying them raw. Or if you generally eat some foods raw, try cooking them for a change. Either way, you’ll get a different texture and flavor than you are used to and may be in for a delicious surprise.

Step Out Of The Box
Challenge yourself to create something unique or try a different spin on what’s popular at the moment. Get your creative juices flowing by choosing random ingredients, or working with your limited supply.

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