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Think Twice About Your Salad Toppings

If done correctly, salads could be a healthy and harmless meal. But there are ways that we can unknowingly sabotage our salads. It’s best to take a look at our ingredients to identify the culprits.

It’s common knowledge that over dressing a salad can add unnecessary fats and calories. But it’s the seemingly healthy toppings that may be throwing us off. Here are some common salad toppings that can ruin our salads.

Seaweed Salad
It’s tasty and you’re always hearing about how excellent seaweed is, but that might not be the case. Seaweed salad can often be packed with added sugars which can weigh down your salad.

Candied Nuts
Again, nuts are nutritious and delicious, right? Well, the candied part of the nuts adds more sugars and calories to your salad that you can probably do without. If you’re looking to add nuts to your salad, choose the plain, toasted variety.

While falafel may contain fava beans and chickpeas, if it’s not specifically labeled baked, they’re often deep fried. Fava beans and chickpeas could be healthy, but the deep fried aspect negates its benefits. Instead, try hummus for a creamy version of your chickpea fix.

Nuts and Seeds
As mentioned previously, plain, toasted nuts, and even seeds can be a healthy way to add some crunch to your salads. However, it is important to me mindful of your portion size. Too much of a good thing can backfire.

But it’s the good kind of fat, right? Again, portion size should be minded with avocados. As delicious as they may be, a whole avocado can pack 300 calories.

Chicken & Tuna Salad
You may think adding chicken or tuna salad is an easy and tasty way to add some protein, but the truth is, they may contain large portions of mayo and added sugars. If you make your own chicken or tuna salad, you can opt for healthier versions that skip the mayo and use things like olive oil instead.

Fruit is healthy, but too much, especially dried fruits, can increase the level of sugars in your salad. If you must, use small portions of fresh fruit.

You may think they are harmless because they are usually added in small amounts, but wontons have added oils and calories that you generally do not need. For crunch, opt for a smart portion of nuts or seeds.

Crunchy Onions
You can’t deny that they are yummy, but they are essentially fried onions. With their high content of saturated fats and calories, you are better off without them. Try caramelized or roasted onions instead for that cooked onion flavor.

Tortilla Strips
As you can see, more often than not, the crunch isn’t worth it. Unfortunately, tortilla strips fall under that category, too.

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