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Hearty Soup Recipes For Fall

This year, Fall officially starts on Wednesday September 23. While we may not get cold weather right away, we can still indulge in fall favorites like pumpkin spice everything, fresh baked pies, or hearty, homemade soups. Check out these delicious recipes to get you into the fall mood.

Ham & Lentil Soup
While this recipe can be made with leftover ham from Easter, you may also try this with any ham, really. For example, leftover ham from Thanksgiving, or even our Boar’s Head Black Forest ham could do the trick. The great thing about recipes is that you can tailor them to your liking. But however you decide to prepare it, the flavor and texture combinations of the ham and lentils are deliciously satisfying.

Squash Soup
This vegan friendly recipe keeps it simple yet flavorful with a mesh of different vegetables. Leaving out cream or butter, this recipe stays true to the honest flavors of the vegetables and still produces a smooth texture. With every bite, you’ll get a mouthful of flavor, highlighting the deliciousness of the squash with your favorite veggies.

Beef Barley Soup
This soup takes some time to prepare, but it is surely worth it. Again, this recipe boasts a simple ingredient list, focusing on the natural flavor with minimal seasonings. The textures of this soup only add to the brilliance of its flavor.

Tomato Bisque
Who doesn’t love yummy tomato bisque? Plus, we can all agree that it is a great way to utilize your end of season tomatoes. As always, you can adjust this recipe to your liking. Enjoyed on its own or paired with a yummy grilled cheese sandwich, tomato bisque is a lovely soup for any time of the year.

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