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Sandwiches: Market Trends & Opportunities

It’s no question that America loves sandwiches. Their popularity can be partially attributed to their reputation of being a healthier option. Ever versatile as well, sandwiches can be as simple or as complex as you would like. Creativity with sandwiches is limitless, whether you are crafting it at home, or ordering it at a restaurant or deli.

Thanks to an all new report from Packaged Facts entitled Sandwiches: Market Trends and Opportunities, we’ve gained a bit more insight into the role of sandwiches in the food service industry in relation to healthfulness, culinary innovation, and customization and consumer choice. Here are a few sandwich facts from the interesting report:

  • Research indicates the sandwich is a staple food across the full spectrum of U.S. adults regardless of gender, age, household income, race, or geographic location.
  • Roughly 79% of all adults have eaten a sandwich in the past seven days.
  • Some 83% of adults say that, in the last week, they have eaten a sandwich made at home, versus 62% for sandwiches made outside of the home.

The report also suggests how we are broadening our ingredient options, among other trends and opportunities. For example, meat selection is widening to the pork variety, such as smoked pork and pork belly, and our bread selections are expanding to include French baguettes, ciabatta, brioche, and more.

Do these findings surprise you? What sandwich trends do you think are being overlooked? Share your thoughts on sandwiches with us. Join us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, and Pinterest!

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