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Food Tastes of America

Have you noticed a difference in your eating habits? Have your family dinners turned into solo meals at home? Are you cooking more often than going out to eat? According to market research from the NPD group, our eating behavior is changing and evolving.

So what trends are the most significant?

Single Servings

Food sellers should consider offering single servings, as most meals are eaten alone these days. According to Census data, 27% of households are made up of one person. We may even see restaurants tailoring their menus for single customers, with an increase in smaller portions, half servings, or side dishes.

Latin Flavor

According to NPD, the Hispanic population is growing in the US. Hispanics are known for home cooked meals, leading them to the grocery stores. Thus, grocery stores may need to expand their selection of Hispanic food instead of having only one aisle dedicated to these groceries.

Its influence is not limited to the grocery store aisles. More and more restaurants are likely to adopt Hispanic influenced dishes, or incorporate Hispanic spices and flavors into their food preparations.

Fresh Millennials

Apparently millennials love fresh foods. They are more likely to eat at home rather than going out to eat, and are more likely to shop the perimeter of the grocery stores (where fresh, non-packaged food can be found). When millennials do eat out, they steer toward “freshly prepared” meals, where they can make modifications to suit their tastes and preferences.


Healthy Boomers 

It seems Baby Boomers tend to eat out more than the rest, and it seem they are choosing to be more health-conscious than before. Foods rich in protein, calcium, and whole grains and low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium are more commonly offered.


Not necessarily included on the NPD list, but as relevant as the other trends is bacon. You can add bacon to pretty much everything. While always thought to be unhealthy, it seems its health reputation is improving. Long-distance runners and cyclists are even calling it “the new fuel food.”

Have you adopted any of these new trends or behaviors? Which trends were missed? Share your thoughts. Connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

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