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Sandwich & Salad Trends 2015

In case you missed it, the Food Channel released their top 10 sandwich and salad trends for this year. While some seem familiar, others may be foreign to you. We’ll go over these trends and what you need to know about them.

Cheese: The Softer Side

It seems we’re moving from hard deli cheeses to the soft ones like fontina, burrata, brie, or gruyere. We’re already seeing feta on salads, so the experimentation with textures and flavors will continue to expand.

Dress Up Your Dressings

Condiments and dressings are getting a makeover. Whether it’s infused flavors to create a new experience, or chunky additions to add unlikely texture, new sauces and dips are sprouting up everywhere. Dried fruits and spices are also being added to highlight and bring out different flavors.

Seafood As Protein

You will notice a boom in soft-shell crab, lobster, white fish, and “trash fish” such as tilapia. We will likely find these incorporated into both sandwiches and salads.

Veggie Infusions

Rather than saving them for side dishes, our veggies are infiltrating our favorite meals. For example, cauliflower can be a carb replacement, making its way into breads, pizza crusts, and even a healthy alternative to mashed potatoes.

Grain Salads

The grains can be mixed into greens, or on its own (ex. Tabbouleh, which is bulgur wheat). We’ve seen a lot of quinoa, but ancient grains like freekeh, spelt, and chia are gaining traction and making their way to menus near you.

Salted Breads

Many are starting to shy away from white bread, as pretzel bread, brioche, and Hawaiian rolls gain popularity. Also coveted is homemade breads and banana flour for the gluten-free folks.

Dip It, Dip It Good

The “dressing on the side” trend is reaching new levels. Using melted cheese, jams, or even apple sauce as sandwich and salad dippers sounds a bit taboo, but can prove to be rather delightful.

Global Flavors

We’re seeing much more influence from around the world. Think about the Korean taco, and how it went from food truck fare to mainstream, or how the banh mi has evolved. Be on the lookout for doner kebabs, cemitas, and more.

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Wilted salads are seared or charred on a hot skillet. This brings a different texture and flavor to your usual salad. For sandwiches, a crunchy, toasted, and even a little burnt bread is a desired texture.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – Any Time

Want a salad for breakfast? You’ve got it! This idea isn’t really new (how many times have you had breakfast for dinner, or vice versa?), but more restaurants are blurring the lines between offering foods at certain times.

Have you noticed any new food trends this year? What are your favorites? Share them with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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