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Hot Food Trends Of 2015

It seems like new food trends pop up almost daily these days. Things like kale, cronuts, ramen burgers, the paleo diet, raw diets, or juice cleanses have all seen the spotlight. Some are hits, others are misses. Regardless, we are lucky to have access to such diverse culinary experiences. Thanks to, we’ve got 8 hottest food trends for 2015, based on at two major industry trade shows earlier this year: the Winter Fancy Food Show and Natural Products ExpoWest. Read on to discover your new favorite food trend.


Commonly known for its use in Indian food, turmeric is beginning to get more acknowledgment.

This spice is known for its role in Indian food, but is now gaining more recognition. Turmeric delivers more than a peppery and bitter flavor. This new superfood offers digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits and will soon show up in more than just Indian curries.

Smoky Flavors

Smoky flavors like chipotle (smoked jalapenos) or smoked meats are well-liked by many, and that flavor profile will soon find its way to both savory and sweet recipes.


Gluten-free diets were originally reserved for those with Celiac disease, a condition in which your body cannot properly digest gluten. While this condition is rare, many adopted gluten-free diets, resulting in increased demand for gluten-free options. In the beginning, gluten-free options were underwhelming. Now, textures and flavors have improved so much so that you can barely tell the difference.

Extreme Heat

There’s something about spicy food that we can’t get enough of. It seems Huy Fong’s Thai-style Sriracha hot sauce acted as a gateway sauce to much spicier varieties. We are seeing more of Korean gochujang, Tunisian harissa, habaneros, ghost peppers, and scorpion chiles – proceed with caution.

Fancy Salt

Salt is getting fancy with different varieties like Maldon salt or pink Himalaya salt. You can add even more flavor to your recipes with flavor infused salts, like Sriracha salt or smoked salt.


It’s not just for sushi anymore. Snack on roasted seaweed alone (like chips), or you can find it incorporated into snacks like popcorn or chips.


Thanks to the Paleo diet, jerky is experiencing a resurgence. Aside from beef, you can try bison, venison, elk, chicken, turkey, and salmon. These varieties also offer different flavors, from Sriracha (are you noticing a trend here?) to coffee.

Ancient Grains

These are also called heritage grains, and include ancient forms of wheat (spelt, kamut, einkorn) to GF quinoa, amanranth, and millet. These are often higher in protein and nutrients and are set to make appearances in packaged goods like pasta or snacks.

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