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What Is Your Sandwich Missing?

Have you noticed that when you make a sandwich at home, it sometimes lacks that magic that a sandwich has when someone else makes it for you? Maybe you didn’t have all the ingredients you wanted, or maybe you were in a rush. Or maybe you didn’t know about these sandwich tips and techniques, from experts across NYC.

Move The Pickles Inside

Instead of a pickle spear on the side, Chef Sal Lamboglia advises to move the pickles (or pickled vegetables such as peppers, onions, radish, etc.) inside the sandwich. This adds some acidity that your sandwich may lack.

Give It A Schmear

No one likes a dry sandwich. Chef Justin Smillie says, “You can’t be scared of fat.” Whether it’s olive oil, regular or flavored mayonnaise, or even butter, a little moisture can be just what your home made sandwich needs.

Remember The Crunch

Chef Noah Bernamoff knows that a contrasting of textures can do wonders. You don’t want your sandwich too mushy, or too crunchy.  A little pop of crunch amidst, say, tuna or egg salad may be the perfect element to add to your sandwich.

Turn Up The Heat

This can mean two things. One, you can transform your cold sandwich into a hot sandwich. For example a cold tuna sandwich can become a delicious tuna melt. Two, you can spice up your sandwich with chopped peppers or a hot sauce of your choice. Just tread lightly if your taste buds can’t handle spice well.

Ladle On Leftovers

Don’t know what to do with your leftovers? Get creative and try to make a sandwich out of them! Thinking outside of the box can produce some genius ideas. You never know, you could possibly create your new favorite sandwich.

Salvage A Salad

Along the same lines, why not put a salad in your sandwich? Choose your favorite bread, salad, and dressing and you’re good to go!

Make Peace With Soft Bread

Want to avoid a mess that sometimes results with stiff bread? Use soft bread and don’t overdo your sandwich. The simplicity of a sandwich can be just as appealing as an over-the-top one.

Think Fresh

We stand by this tip 100%. Fresh ingredients always produce the best flavor. Fresh bread, ripe veggies, and homemade condiments (if you will) can go a long way.

Sandwich still lacking that oomph? Don’t want to make your own? Come on over, we’ll happily take care of you and your sandwich needs. Visit us Monday-Friday 10:30am-7:30pm. You can connect with us on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest, too!

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