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The Traditional Cuban Sandwich Recipe

best sandwiches in pomona, caWhile different versions exist, the Cuban sandwich typically features ham, pork, cheese, pickles and mustard, perfectly pressed between Cuban bread. And if you’ve never enjoyed one of these tasty sandwiches, you’re missing out.

It will come as no surprise that the Cuban sandwich, also known as a Cubano, was created in Cuba. The simple yet ingenious sandwich was brought to the US by Cuban immigrants, who settled in Florida in the late 1800s. Cuban cigar manufacturers were looking for a safe place to manufacture while avoiding Spanish rule. This migration had resulted in the heavy Cuban influence in Florida. Because the Cuban sandwich was relatively inexpensive and easy to make, it was a popular meal among factory workers.

Traditionally, the Cuban sandwich is made with Cuban bread that is cut lengthwise and buttered on both sides. The sandwich contains mustard, pickles, roast pork, ham, and Swiss cheese, and then is pressed in a plancha (sandwich press). The perfect press melds the juices and flavors together while maintaining a crunchy crust. Usually, the sandwich is compressed to about a third of its original size.

Variations of the Cuban sandwich include the Key West Mix, which adds mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes. When Cuban bread is not readily available, some substitute Italian bread or French bread, or, like in most northern parts of the US, Panini bread. In Tampa, FL, they decided to add Genoa salami to please their Italian customers.

At your neighborhood deli, we uphold the traditional recipe as closely as possible. Made on our Italian roll, we layer our all-natural roasted pork, black forest ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles. Our Cuban sandwich is then pressed to create a delicious crunch. Do yourself a favor and try one today.

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