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Did You Know?: Sandwich Edition

Food is always a fun topic to talk about because, honestly, who doesn’t love food? As lovers of sandwiches, we like to spread knowledge, history, and fun facts about the delicious gems. These random truths come from sandwich experts and foodies across the country, via Esquire.

  • Many beloved sandwiches were developed from flukes or simple convenience. For example, Philippe Mathiew, original owner of Los Angeles staple Philippe’s, dropped the sliced roll of a roast beef sandwich into the pan drippings, and thus, the French Dip was born.
  • There’s no limit on what people do for the perfect sandwich. It’s said that the when the King of Jordan visits D.C. for business, he sends a driver to Baltimore to pick up pit beef sandwiches from Chaps Charcoal Restaurant.
  • Did you know that in the 19th century, Japanese fisherman influenced some cooking techniques in Mexico? This is why you may see street vendors in Baja frying fish for fish tacos in woks. And speaking of seafood, little know fact – the knuckles of a lobster are the tenderest part.
  • You can copyright the name of a sandwich, but not its combination of ingredients. Take the Gerber, which was invented and copyrighted in 1974 by Ruma’s Deli in St. Louis. It consists of garlic bread topped with ham and provel cheese. While other restaurants may serve the dish, cease and desist letters have been sent to refrain them from selling them under the moniker “Gerber”. One restaurant simply renamed it the “Jerber”. Speaking of St. Louis, Schottzie’s is one of the last places that serves a fried brain sandwich.
  • Have you heard of the Horseshoe from Springfield, Illinois? Toast is topped with sliced ham and fries, and then covered with rarebit sauce (canned cheese). It’s more so an open faced sandwich, if that, and it’s been nicknamed a “heart attack on a plate.”
  • Sandwich Tips To Avoid A Mess: If you don’t want your sandwich to fall apart, stick a toothpick in it. And if you’re going to put avocado in a sandwich, mash it up rather than slicing it – it’ll slip right out.
  • Offering someone half of your sandwich is the modern version of breaking bread.

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Sandwich Truths From Around The Country
Learn a few things about sandwiches from sandwich makers, chefs, and foodies across the country.